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Wuxi Ark Technology Electronic Co., Ltd. 

Contact: Sales vice president  Lily Chu
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Address: No. 6, Yulong Road, Jinzhangzhu Industrial Concentration Zone, Zhangzhu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province


 HongKong Office

Company : Grape International Development Limited

Add : RM C,13/F,Harvard Commercial Building,105-111 Thomson Road,Wan Chai,HK

Attn: Jacob Chu

Mobile : 8618036067788

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Distributor And Agent For India

Company : Rishabh Component And Connectors

Add : Office No:27, 3rd Floor,Tinwalla Building, Tribhuvan Road,Mumbai - 400004      

Attn: Darpan Mehta  (sales manager)

Mobile : +918879227533

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Attn: Rohil Mehta  (sales manager)

Mobile : +91 88799 53330

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Distributor And Agent For Italy

Company : FAST elettronica ITALIANA SPA

Add : Via Rovetta, 35, 20127 Milano

Contact: luca.cosorati

Phone: +39.02.2610141
Fax: +39.02.2822287

Email :   (sales manager)

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